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Pre-Professional Ballet Program (Ages 8 - 18; Ballet Levels A1 - C2)

The Pre-Professional Ballet Program is a structured and progressive sequence for students with a desire to dance in a professional ballet company or who wish to focus on classical ballet training. Designed for the Pre-Professional ballet dancer from age 8 to 18, instruction includes Ballet Technique, Pre-Pointe or Pointe, Repertoire and Variations, Character, and Pas de Deux. A weekly portion of student’s training includes Classical Mime, Ballet History, and Ballet Music. Students are also required to take elective classes from the Pre-Professional Dance Program to enhance their training.



Children's Program (Ages 18 months – 8 years)

Students in ANBT’s Children’s Program can take ballet as well as classes in the Pre-Professional Dance Program.

The Children’s Program offers classes to young children from 18 months to 8 years old. Classes offered are Me & Mum, First Steps, Music & Movement, and Pre-Ballet 1-3. Children can begin ballet classes at age 18 months in the Me & Mum class which is taken with their mothers or a family member. At age 3, students may enroll in First Steps which is the first class that performs in the Spring Concert. First Steps and Music & Movement meet for 45 minutes, one time per week. Pre-Ballet 1, 2 and 3 meet one time per week for one hour. Students advance to the next level depending on their progress and are eligible to move to the Pre-Professional Ballet Program at age 8. Students in the Children’s Program are expected to perform in the Spring Concert.



Pre-Professional Dance Program (Ages 3 - 18)

The Pre-Professional Dance Program offers classes for students age 3 and up and is available for students who wish to explore a more entertainment-focused and commercial dance path. With a focus on Contemporary Dance, additional cutting-edge classes are offered including Tumbling for Dance, Jumps & Turns, Theatre Dance, Improvisation, Jazz, Lyrical, and Hip-Hop . As part of this enhanced dance program, the ANBT Competition Team (optional and by audition only) offers students the opportunity to compete and attend workshops with internationally known choreographers and dancers.



Adult Program (Ages 15 and up)

Adult drop-in ballet classes are offered throughout the season and during the summer. Classes are offered at an individual rate or at a discount with a Ten-Class Card. 
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Summer Programs (Ages 3 and up)

Summer offerings include the annual Summer Intensive, Adult classes and Fall Preparation Week.
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The Academy of Nevada Ballet Theatre’s Policy on Student Advancement
Each student is an individual who will progress at his or her own pace through the ballet levels and syllabus. It is important for parents and students to understand that, unlike academic schools, remaining in the same level from one year to the next is not an indication of failure but rather an aid in attaining the ultimate goal of progressing and mastering the technical standard of the different stages of the syllabus. Students are carefully evaluated. The Academy reserves the right to place any student in any level throughout the year. It is a disservice and potentially dangerous to expect a student to perform exercises for which they are not muscularly strong enough or adequately prepared. At the same time students with exceptional awareness of the fundamentals and technical strength, will have the privilege to progress at his or her optimal pace.

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